quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

iphone cases

Hi Guys, how are you ? sorry for not being posting for awhile but I've been really occupied with all the exams and plus my machine broke so I'm wainting to have a new one on december... anyways today I decided to make a post about iphone cases, it's my biggest obsession right now. Studs, pearls,lace, glitter brands cases,... I love them all. Since  I don't have an iphone, which is really sad, I'm trying to make/buy a case for my ipod. I still don't know if I should put studs or pearls?! what do you guys think?
I wanted to have the chanel case, above , but I don't know how or where I can do it ? if you know please comment below !
which case do you like the most?

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